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Interesting facts about futon, sleep and our products ... presented by Dietmar Wagner.

Unfortunately, some of our videos are only available in German at the moment.
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Our FUTON-Collection

Presentation of the DW collection
4:33 min
Presentation of the DX collection
2:24 min
The most popular combinations
4:00 min

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Stabilize the slatted frame
Tip for unstable slatted frames (FAQ)
4:28 min
FUTON - lay-in phase
Turn it correctly (FAQ)
1:30 min
Futon on the floor.
What should you watch out for? (FAQ)
1:39 min
Cotton futon
Suitable as a daily sleeping place? (FAQ)
1:39 min
Ventilate the futon properly.
This will keep your futon healthy.
3:22 min

General information about futons and sleep.

Quality comparison of futon manufacturers
5:27 min
Sleep with Futon
What types of sleep are there?
3:17 min
What is my futon on?
Slatted frame, roll-up frame, tatami, etc.
4:47 min
Tatami rice straw mats
In combination with futon
1:14 min
Original Japan futon
Differences to our futons
1:01 min

Helpful product information

Beds, Schlafsofas...
Futonsofa EINS
Material texture and handling
1:57 min
Futonsofa b2
Material properties and handling
2:31 min
Flexible use as a family bed
0:11 min